Hello from Relay!

From on-demand rideshare, grocery delivery, self-driving cars, and healthcare — I’ve learned that the common thread in what makes these industries successful is accountability.

I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but without accountability, everything is at risk. When we think about safety, compliance, and product/process changes — it’s important that everyone knows what is happening and follows through.

Communication is critical in setting accountability.

For example, when we value execution over preparation, things get lost in translation. I’ve been a part of operations where countless marketing campaigns and product launches would happen without any notice.

Sometimes things go smoothly, but most times, it’s a complete disaster.

Imagine a bugged product launch, but no one knows to be on the lookout until you notice a bombardment of frustrated phone calls and emails. Or a compensation change that leaves your support team unsure how to answer the question “how much money did I make from doing X?”.

An effective communicator creates digestible content, measures engagement, and responds appropriately to the audience reactions. By doing so, they’re able to hold themselves and their audience accountable.

That’s the reason why we created Relay. To simplify what teams need to do and follow in scale, without disrupting their current tech stack and workflows.

We’re excited to share what we’ve learned over the last year since we launched and help you relay what matters the most.




Agile Communication for Agile Teams

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Agile Communication for Agile Teams

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